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Database Resources

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Database Resources


Number of second level sequencesCPUNumber of nodes
standalone modeDouble activeDistributed
Within 1000002core-4core123
Within 3000004core-8core123
Within 5000008core-26core123
Within 100000016core-32core123
Within 200000032core-48core123
Within 1000000048core12Please contact Timecho Business for consultation
Over 10000000Please contact Timecho Business for consultation


Number of second level sequencesMemoryNumber of nodes
standalone modeDouble activeDistributed
Within 1000004G-8G123
Within 30000012G-32G123
Within 50000024G-48G123
Within 100000032G-96G123
Within 200000064G-128G123
Within 10000000128G12Please contact Timecho Business for consultation
Over 10000000Please contact Timecho Business for consultation

Storage (Disk)

Storage space

Calculation formula: Number of measurement points * Sampling frequency (Hz) * Size of each data point (Byte, different data types may vary, see table below) * Storage time (seconds) * Number of copies (usually 1 copy for a single node and 2 copies for a cluster) ÷ Compression ratio (can be estimated at 5-10 times, but may be higher in actual situations)

Data point size calculation
data typeTimestamp (Bytes) Value (Bytes) Total size of data points (in bytes)
TEXT8The average is a8+a

Example: 1000 devices, each with 100 measurement points, a total of 100000 sequences, INT32 type. Sampling frequency 1Hz (once per second), storage for 1 year, 3 copies.

  • Complete calculation formula: 1000 devices * 100 measurement points * 12 bytes per data point * 86400 seconds per day * 365 days per year * 3 copies/10 compression ratio=11T
  • Simplified calculation formula: 1000 * 100 * 12 * 86400 * 365 * 3/10=11T

Storage Configuration

If the number of nodes is over 10000000 or the query load is high, it is recommended to configure SSD

Other instructions

IoTDB has the ability to scale up clusters in seconds, and expanding node data does not require migration. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the limited cluster capacity estimated based on existing data. In the future, you can add new nodes to the cluster when you need to scale up.

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