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Export Schema

The schema export operation exports the information about store group, timeseries, and schema template in the current IoTDB in the form of mlog.bin and tlog.txt to the specified directory.

The exported mlog.bin and tlog.txt files can be incrementally loaded into an IoTDB instance.

Export Schema with SQL

EXPORT SCHEMA '<path/dir>' 

Export Schema with Script


./ -d /yourpath/data/system/schema -o /yourpath/targetDir


./exportSchema.bat-d /yourpath/data/system/schema -o /yourpath/targetDir

Export destination directory on server need to be specified when exporting metadata using scripting. Note that the target directory path must be absolute path.

usage: ExportSchema -o <target directory path> [-h <host address>] [-p <port>] [-u <user>] [-pw <password>] [-help]
 -o <target directory path>   Need to specify a absolute target directory
                              path on server(required)
 -h <host address>            Could specify a specify the IoTDB host
                              address, default is (optional)
 -p <port>                    Could specify a specify the IoTDB port,
                              default is 6667 (optional)
 -u <user>                    Could specify the IoTDB user name, default
                              is root (optional)
 -pw <password>               Could specify the IoTDB password, default is
                              root (optional)
 -help,--help                 Display help information


  • Cannot find or load the main class ExportSchema
    • It may be because the environment variable $IOTDB_HOME is not set, please set the environment variable and try again
  • Encounter an error, because: File ... already exist.
    • There is already a mlog.bin or tlog.txt file in the target directory, please check the target directory and try again

Load Schema

Please refer to MLogLoad Toolopen in new window

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