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How to obtain TimechoDB

The enterprise version installation package can be obtained through product trial application or by directly contacting the business personnel who are in contact with you.

Installation Package Structure

Install the package after decompression(iotdb-enterprise-{version},The directory structure after unpacking the installation package is as follows:

activationfolderThe directory where the activation file is located, including the generated machine code and the enterprise version activation code obtained from the business side (this directory will only be generated after starting ConfigNode to obtain the activation code)
conffolderConfiguration file directory, including configuration files such as ConfigNode, DataNode, JMX, and logback
datafolderThe default data file directory contains data files for ConfigNode and DataNode. (The directory will only be generated after starting the program)
libfolderIoTDB executable library file directory
licensesfolderOpen source community certificate file directory
logsfolderThe default log file directory, which includes log files for ConfigNode and DataNode (this directory will only be generated after starting the program)
sbinfolderMain script directory, including start, stop, and other scripts
toolsfolderDirectory of System Peripheral Tools
extfolderRelated files for pipe, trigger, and UDF plugins (created by the user when needed)
README_ZH.mdfileExplanation of the Chinese version in Markdown format
README.mdfileInstructions for use
RELEASE_NOTES.mdfileVersion Description

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