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Batch Data Load

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Batch Data Load

In different scenarios, the IoTDB provides a variety of methods for importing data in batches. This section describes the two most common methods for importing data in CSV format and TsFile format.

TsFile Batch Load

TsFile is the file format of time series used in IoTDB. You can directly import one or more TsFile files with time series into another running IoTDB instance through tools such as CLI. For details, see TsFile Load Tool TsFile Export Tools.

CSV Batch Load

CSV stores table data in plain text. You can write multiple formatted data into a CSV file and import the data into the IoTDB in batches. Before importing data, you are advised to create the corresponding metadata in the IoTDB. Don't worry if you forget to create one, the IoTDB can automatically infer the data in the CSV to its corresponding data type, as long as you have a unique data type for each column. In addition to a single file, the tool supports importing multiple CSV files as folders and setting optimization parameters such as time precision. For details, see CSV Load Export Tools.

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