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Here are all files generated or used by IoTDB

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Configuration Files

under conf directory

  2. logback.xml
  3. datanode-env.shopen in new window
  4. jmx.access
  5. jmx.password
    • only sync tool use it

under directory basedir/system/schema

    • record all immutable properties, will be checked when starting IoTDB to avoid system errors

under directory basedir/system/schema


  1. mlog.bin
    • record the meta operation
  2. mtree-1.snapshot
    • snapshot of metadata
  3. mtree-1.snapshot.tmp
    • temp file, to avoid damaging the snapshot when updating it


  1. tlog.txt
    • store tags and attributes of each TimeSeries
    • about 700 bytes for each TimeSeries

under directory basedir/data/


under directory basedir/wal

  1. {StorageGroupName}-{TsFileName}/wal1
    • every database has several wal files, and every memtable has one associated wal file before it is flushed into a TsFile


under directory data/sequence or unsequence/{DatabaseName}/{DataRegionId}/{TimePartitionId}/

  1. {time}-{version}-{mergeCnt}.tsfile
    • normal data file
  2. {TsFileName}.tsfile.mod
    • modification file
    • record delete operation


  1. {TsFileName}.tsfile.resource
    • descriptor and statistic file of a TsFile
  2. {TsFileName}.tsfile.resource.temp
    • temp file
    • avoid damaging the tsfile.resource when updating it
  3. {TsFileName}.tsfile.resource.closing
    • close flag file, to mark a tsfile closing so during restarts we can continue to close it or reopen it


under directory basedir/system/databases/{DatabaseName}/{DataRegionId}/{TimePartitionId} or upgrade

  1. Version-
    • version file, record the max version in fileName of a database


under directory basedir/system/upgrade

  1. upgrade.txt
    • record which files have been upgraded


under directory basedir/system/databases/{StorageGroup}/

  1. merge.mods
    • modification file generated during a merge
  2. merge.log
    • record the progress of a merge
  3. tsfile.merge
    • temporary merge result file, an involved sequence tsfile may have one during a merge


under directory basedir/system/users/
under directory basedir/system/roles/


under directory basedir/system/compression_ration

  1. Ration-{compressionRatioSum}-
    • record compression ratio of each tsfile

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