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Quick Start

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Quick Start

Priority of Operators

1-Unary operator negative
1+Unary operator positive
1!Unary operator negation
2*Binary operator multiply
2/Binary operator division
2%Binary operator remainder
3+Binary operator add
3-Binary operator minus
4>Binary compare operator greater than
4>=Binary compare operator greater or equal to
4<Binary compare operator less than
4<=Binary compare operator less or equal to
4==Binary compare operator equal to
4!=/<>Binary compare operator non-equal to
5LIKELIKE operator
6ININ operator
7and/&/&&Binary logic operator and
8or/ | / ||Binary logic operator or


For applications based on time series data, data quality is vital.
UDF Library is IoTDB User Defined Functions (UDF) about data quality, including data profiling, data quality evalution and data repairing.
It effectively meets the demand for data quality in the industrial field.

Quick Start

  1. Download the JAR with all dependencies and the script of registering UDF.
  2. Copy the JAR package to ext\udf under the directory of IoTDB system (Please put JAR to this directory of all DataNodes if you use Cluster).
  3. Run sbin\start-server.bat (for Windows) or sbin\ (for Linux or MacOS) to start IoTDB server.
  4. Copy the script to the directory of IoTDB system (under the root directory, at the same level as sbin), modify the parameters in the script if needed and run it to register UDF.


Since our codes are still under review, there are no codes in Apache repository. Before finishing the review, the above files can be downloaded in our old websiteopen in new window.

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