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Go Native API


  • golang >= 1.13
  • make >= 3.0
  • curl >= 7.1.1
  • thrift 0.13.x
  • Linux、Macos or other unix-like systems
  • Windows+bash (WSL、cygwin、Git Bash)


  • go mod
export GO111MODULE=on
export GOPROXY=

mkdir session_example && cd session_example

curl -o session_example.go -L

go mod init session_example
go run session_example.go
# get thrift 0.13.0
go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
git checkout 0.13.0

mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/iotdb-client-go-example/session_example
cd $GOPATH/src/iotdb-client-go-example/session_example
curl -o session_example.go -L
go run session_example.go

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