# 0.10.x/0.11.x (version-2) -> 0.12.x/0.13.x (version-3)

PR# Name Author Changes
2263 Move memtable plan index from ChunkGroupFooter to a separate marker jt2594838 Add min/max plan index after MetaMarker.OPERATION_INDEX_RANGE when a memtable is flush
2184 [IOTDB-1081] New TsFile Format JackieTien97 Please see details (opens new window)
2445 Remove versionInfo in Tsfile and get rid of versions in memtable wshao08 Delete version info in TsFile

# 0.9.x (version-1) -> 0.10.x (version-2)

Last Updated on 2019-11-28 by Jialin Qiao.

PR# Name Author Changes
553 [IOTDB-279] Merge TsDigest into Statistics jack870131 Merge the function of TsDigest into Statistics class, which TsDisgest is the ByteBuffer format of Statistics
587 [IOTDB-325] Refactor Statistics qiaojialin Move start time, end time, count in PageHeader and ChunkMetadata into Statistics; Remove maxTombstoneTime in ChunkHeader
855 [IOTDB-587] New TsFile version 2 HTHou Remove ChunkGroupMetadata, store ChunkMetadata list by series, Add TimeseriesMetadata for each series
1024 [IOTDB-585] Fix recover version bug qiaojialin Add MetaMarker.VERSION and version behind each flushing memtable (flushAllChunkGroups)
1047 [IOTDB-593] Add metaOffset in TsFileMetadata qiaojialin Add metaOffset in TsFileMetadata
1100 [IOTDB-605] Add more levels of index in TsFileMetadata sunzesong Update the structure of deviceMetadata to a tree-level indexed TsFileMetadata

# 0.8.0 -> 0.9.x (version-1)

Last Updated on 2019-10-27 by Lei Rui.

PR# Name Author Changes
258 [IOTDB-143]Development of merge jt2594838 Add totalChunkNum and invalidChunkNum to TsFileMetaData.
409 [IOTDB-165][TsFile] Delete a current version and add a number version and an exception. Genius_pig (1) Delete a current version in TsFileMetaData;
(2) Change the TsFile magic number from 12 bytes to: 6 bytes magic string ("TsFile") + 6 bytes version number ({"000001", "000002", ""000003"}) ("v0.8.0" is the first version (we treat it as "000000"));
(3) The tail of a TsFile only has "TsFile" magic string, without the version number.
466 [IOTDB-208] Bloom filter SilverNarcissus Add four fields for the bloom filter to TsFileMetaData: 1) bit vector byte array length, 2) bit vector byte array, 3) the number of bits, 4) the number of hash functions.

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