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IoTDB Contributor Beginning

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IoTDB Contributor Beginning

Subscribe to the mailing list (

The mailing list is the only communication channel that Apache designates for open source contributors. So try to make discussions on the mailing list as much as possible. The mailing list is essentially a mailbox. After subscription, all emails sent to this mailbox will be forwarded to the subscribed mailbox. The subscription method is as follows:

  1. Sending subscription email: Send an email to with any subject you want.
  2. Confirming subscription: You will receive a subscription confirmation email from iotdb.apache.orgopen in new window after completing the previous step. Confirm your subscription by sending another email to this email with any subject matter.

Create a development platform account

  1. Creating Jira account: in new window in order to claim issues.
  2. Creating Confluence account: in new window . It is then used to write design documents.

After creation, please send an email to the mailing list including self introduction, Jira ID and Confluence ID. The community PMC will add permissions to the account.

Enter user/development chat group

Subscribe WeChat public account

Scan the QR code to subscribe official public account: Apache IoTDB
IoTDB WeChat public account QR

Long term considerations

Learn the basic use of IoTDB

Learn to debug IoTDB

Understand the internal design of IoTDB

Find to-do tasks

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